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Let's not judge one another, let God do the judging.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A new SS class

Let me take a minute to post something that isn't grumpy or negative. 

Our church is starting up a new SS program for the toddlers, separating the toddlers from the 1 and unders.  Now the big questions we face, how will we get enough workers and who will work this new SS class. 

I'm the head of the nursery, so this is giving me a mild brain ache.

But during the leadership I offered my services to teach these yungens (toddlers).  Now what I'm struggling with is the doubt within myself that I am ready, spiritually to lead someone else.  To teach someone else.  Knowing, I have sinned and am a sinner. 

It's a challenge ....

I'm praying about it, but don't know where I'll end up.